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Seamless Design

One of the greatest challenges with introducing technology into the home is the unintended barriers and annoyances that are created. Take for example an internet-connected door lock. The idea of being able to lock and unlock your door remotely is tantalizing. However, if the initial experience of being able to open your door with your keys is eliminated it may do more harm than good. It could only...

Security Cameras

We get a lot of questions about WiFi security cameras and doorbell cams being used as a burglar deterrent. Security is about layers and every little bit helps, but a common misconception is that there is a single silver bullet for all scenarios. That is just not true. In fact, no matter how complex your security system is there remains the possibility of break-ins and home instrusion. The best you...

Travel anxiety

No matter how much we prepare, we all get a little bit anxious as a trip approaches. The longer the trip, the greater the anxiety. Are we remembering to bring everything? How much can we fit in the car? If it’s air-travel, did we remember all of the required boarding documents? And if you add kids to the equation it becomes even more complex.

With all of this, probably the greatest creator of...

When smart can be dumb

There are a lot of “smart devices” becoming available today for your home that come in all shapes and sizes packed with all sorts of technology. However, having lots of functionality but being impossible to use or not solving a real problem for you means these devices aren’t so smart after all.

Lots of “smart” products have become available for your home.

In order to classify a product as smart, it...

Breaking Point

We’ve all been there. You’re in a hurry packing the car, getting the kids ready, planning last minute trip details. Let’s face it, when you’re going away on a trip or vacation it can be stressful. It’s a good idea to start the planning process early. Make a list of items you need to bring and get them out ahead of time. Did you remember to have a neighbor pick-up your mail for you or would you...

Proactive vs Reactive Home Security

Proactive vs Reactive Home Security

Most of us are familiar with security systems. Something bad happens — like a break-in for example, and the authorities are contacted to address the issue. This is what we call reactive security. Event happens, notification is sent. With new DIY security cameras becoming available it’s easier than ever for you to be notified first when something is happening at...

Labor Day is coming

AAA projects that 35.5 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more this Labor Day weekend. That’s about 10 million homes that look unoccupied. Burglars always target unoccupied homes because — well, wouldn’t you? There is less risk in getting in and out quickly of an unoccupied home. Even if there is an alarm system installed, burglars often anticipate an alarm and will grab what they can...

Simple and Smart

It’s not good enough to just be smart. Lots of technologies are smart. Products need to strive to be simple as well. That is where the real value comes from. A smart product that is unusable quickly ends up in the closet.

At BeON we strive to deliver products that are valuable for your home and your family but also smart enough to be simple and seamless with your life. We want our products to blend...

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