At BeON, we think differently about home security and safety.  Here’s why:

We all care about the security and safety of our homes. Many of us even go so far as to install either DIY or professionally monitored security systems. In general, these systems respond by sounding an alarm and either sending a notification to your smart-phone or to a professional monitoring service. What all of these systems have in common is they react to an emergency (e.g. a break-in or fire alarm). But it takes authorities time to arrive and you might not be available to respond immediately (very few of us are). Even instantaneous alarms are often expected by would-be home intruders that know they have at least 15 minutes and sometimes even longer to clean out a home before police arrive. There is certainly a place for reactive security systems like this, but at BeON we started asking the question: are these security systems really solving the entire problem? After all, it doesn’t do you much good to have a high-definition video sent to your smartphone of your home being ransacked. The likelihood of police using this video to recover your property is extremely low and the peace of mind following a break-in can never truly be recovered.  

That’s why at BeON Home we decided to focus on PROACTIVE rather than reactive home protection.  Can we actually prevent break-ins before they happen?  To date there have been two proactive security devices for the home – light timers and motion-activated lighting to simulate occupancy.  After all, the best home protection is YOU but you can’t always be there and that’s why burglars will always target an unoccupied home.  Unfortunately, the jig is up on these devices and they’re pretty obvious to home intruders.  So this was a natural place for BeON to start.  

BeON’s Proactive Home Protection System is the simplest and most affordable home upgrade you can make.   It uses LED bulbs to prevent break-ins while away, protect your family while at home and deliver beautiful energy efficient lighting each and every day.  It is one of many products we’ll be developing at BeON Home as we continue to create new types of Proactive Home Protection.