Look like you're home when you're not

Old Way

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With BeON

With BeON

Burglars prefer to target unoccupied homes.

Even if you own a security system that alarms, many burglars will do a “smash and grab” and by the time the police arrive they’ll be long gone.   

Some people leave a light on, but let’s face it ... no one has a light on at 3 am so it’s not very convincing to a would-be intruder. Others use timers so that a few lamps in the home turn on in regular patterns. Not bad, but a smart burglar will know the difference. Who turns off their lights at exactly 10 pm every night?

And if lamps aren’t the primary lighting for your home it may not look realistic. You can buy more sophisticated timers at more cost, but they become increasingly frustrating to program especially when you have a million other things to do before leaving on a trip or vacation.

How BeON can help

  1. Plays back your exact lighting pattern when you’re away from home.
  2. No programming required! Learns schedule automatically when you use your light switches.
  3. Live Preview mode allows you to fast-forward through your schedule before you leave home so you know it’s working.

How it Works

Watch videos on our support page or see details in the How it Works section on our product page.