Why do burglars ring the doorbell?

Burglars go to great lengths to make sure you are not at home. Why? Simple - most burglars are opportunists looking for a quick grab and run. Encountering anyone inside the home increases their risk of getting caught or hurt. Also, home intrusions usually carry stiff sentences whereas burglaries are rarely investigated.

Burglars ring your doorbell because it is the least suspicious way to approach your home. If you do answer the door they will have a persuasive story for you, a survey, looking for a cat... if you do not answer, they go to the back to break-in.

With BeON, they are sure you are at home and either watching them or calling the authorities.

Days prior to your trip...

Use Your Light Switches.
We'll Learn From You.

Use your same trusty light switch to operate your BeON lights just like you always have. The BeON smart module inside the light will record, analyze and automatically create a convincing 7-day lighting schedule. We'll replay it while you're AWAY.

Before you leave...

Click AWAY...Done!

We know life is hectic when leaving for a trip. We made it super easy to protect your Home. Set your lights to AWAY with a single click of the BeON Key Fob (or a single swipe in the app). Your lights will begin to play your 7 day light schedule and listen for your doorbell.

While you're away...

Your Lighting
Will Replay Your Behavior

Your lights automatically turn on and off according to your 7-day light schedule creating a natural and believable simulation of your presence. We'll also listen all night for the sound of your doorbell. Everyone will assume you're home. Burglars will move on.

Someone's at the door...

To Your Doorbell

It's the middle of the night. You're still away. The BeON lights are off because you've "gone to bed". (Again, BeON mimics your schedule.) A burglar rings the doorbell to check if you're home. To their surprise, lights are going on and off as if you were actually there moving throughout the house. Burglar is spooked. Mission accomplished.

Welcome Home...

One Click Lights Up Your House,
Disarms Your Lights

When you get home late at night, click HOME. The lights will go ON welcoming you home. They will stop automatically playing and listening for your doorbell and will begin protecting your family.