Power's out, now what?

 Light up your house with a tap!

When you lose power you realize how important light is to safety and security.

You feel vulnerable as you stumble around arms outstretched, your eyes still adjusting to the sudden darkness. You bang your shin on the coffee table, step barefooted on a few Legos in the hallway and miss that last step as you try to make your way to the cabinet under the kitchen sink or to the garage to find the flashlight.  Assuming it’s where you left it (it always is, right?) and assuming it still works and assuming it has charged batteries…you know the drill.

How BeON can help

  1. Each bulb contains a rechargeable battery that automatically charges each time you use your switch. If you lose power, you have four hours of emergency light on a full charge.
  2. Turn on lights with the app without needing to locate the switch. The bulbs wirelessly talk to each other so all of your BeON lights turn on with a single tap.
  3. Turn off or dim individual lights to preserve power for extended outages

How it Works

Watch videos on our support page or see details in the How it Works section on our product page.