We need emergency lighting at home!

Modern homes can burn 8X faster.

Watch this ABCNews report that explains why.

It is important to have an escape plan and to regularly review and practice it. Reliable lighting that you are accustomed to is critical during these situations.

Fumbling with light switches and navigating in darkness during a high-stress situation like this costs you precious seconds.  A fire can also potentially lead to electrical issues that can affect your lighting operation when you certainly don’t have time to search for flashlights.

How BeON can help

  1. Train using the app by simply pressing the test button on your smoke alarm
  2. BeON lights will turn on when an alarm is detected
  3. With battery backup, BeON lights turn on even if your electrical wiring is affected by the fire.

How it Works


Watch videos on our support page or see details in the How it Works section on our product page.