When do we need light the most?

Ironically, just before we turn a light on or just after we turn it off! 

Turn a light off and you often walk across a room in complete darkness.

Return to a dark home after your grocery run and you use your elbow to feel for the light switch in complete darkness.

BeON provides light at these critical moments when you need it most!

What BeON does

  1. Slow-fade: Just like when you shut your car door, now your home lights will slowly fade so you’re never left in darkness
  2. Instant nightlight: Flip your light switch back on during slow fade and the light will hold at that level.  Cool isn’t it?
  3. Welcome Home: From the driveway, light up your home with one tap in the App.  EVEN if you left the switch off!

How it Works


Watch videos on our support page or see details in the How it Works section on our product page.