8 ways to prevent break-ins at your home while you travel

Here are a few things you can do to protect your home while you are on vacation:


If you have ordered a package that may be delivered while you are away, arrange for a neighbor or friend pick it up so it does not alert a burglar that you may be away.

Unmowed lawn

Arrange for a neighbor or friend to keep your lawn mowed and your driveway and walks cleared if you are away for an extended period. For a shorter trip, mow your lawn the day before you leave.

Trash bins

If you leave the trash out before you leave, ask your neighbor to move the empty bins away from the curb after pickup.

Full mailbox

Put your mail delivery and newspaper delivery on vacation hold. It takes no time at all - Click here to set up USPS mail hold.

police car

Notify the police that you’ll be out of town; ask them if they can drive by every so often to make sure things look okay.


Do not reveal your travel plans on social media, and instruct your kids not to. Share photos after you return from your trip!

Leave TV on

Check the menu settings for your TV. If it has a on/off timer, set it to go on and off every evening and late into the night. The flickering light can convince would-be burglars you are still at home.

 Activate your BeON Smart Security Lights to make it look like you never left. Set it up to replay your lights. Train it to listen to your doorbell so it responds to the would-be burglar's doorbell check!