8 Ways to Maintain and Protect Your Vacation Home

Vacation home security and maintenance are vital so your second home continues to be a source of peace of mind, relaxation and great memories. Here are eight ways to maintain and secure your vacation home.

  1. Get to Know your Neighbors.

Neighbors should know what to expect from your home. When they know what to expect, they will know when something is amiss. Let them know about your schedule and give them your contact information so they can get in touch.

  1. Have Up to Date and High Quality Doors and Windows in Place

This is part maintenance and part security. Have something that reduces energy loss while also making it harder for people to break into the home.

  1. Get Good Insurance

You should always have high quality insurance coverage that protects you from both break-ins and any disasters, such as flooding, that may occur. Do look into what the insurance covers, too. Add another layer of insurance with the BeON Home Protection System. Each bulb has 4 hours of backup light if you lose power, they also turns on automatically if you have a fire alarm to help with a safe exit.

  1. Make it Look Lived in

Burglars avoid occupied homes! Use a BeON Home Protection System to make your house look lived-in. Use the built-in schedule or let it learn how you use your lights. It even responds to the burglar’s doorbell check to make it look like you woke up and moved through the home.  BeON works even if you do not have internet access at your second home.

  1. Have a Security System in Place

While it does not deter crime, as it only works once a crime has been committed, it does help as a last resort to notify authorities after a break-in. 

  1. Let the Burglar find a Stash (Really!)

The authorities can take a while to show up if the alarm is set off. Some experts recommend leaving an old laptop, a small amount of cash and electronics in a location where they are easily found. A burglar looking for a quick grab’n’run may leave with those and not trash your home hunting around for the real valuables. 

  1. Hire a Property Manager or Caretaker

Property managers are popular options, especially if you plan to rent. They personally care for everything, look through potential contractors’ information, and make sure that everything is in good condition. This is one of the best vacation home security and maintenance options available.

  1. Be Ready for Emergency Situations

This mostly applies to maintenance related situations. While you will want to be ready for any theft or vandalism, you likely already know what to do if they happen. In general, make sure that you have money saved for maintenance and that you have contact information of local professional services ready.