How to Prevent Break-ins and Vandalism at Your Small Business

You’ve worked hard to build your business and you can’t afford the disruption caused by break-ins or vandalism. Security systems limit the damage but only after a break-in has occurred. Business insurance, including against theft, break-ins and vandalism, will only protect you up to a certain level. It doesn’t always protect against the loss of business and the devastating impact of having to rebuild everything after your premises have been ripped off by burglars.

Security works best in layers and be sure to have all of them in place including a preventative layer to reduce the risk of break-ins in the first place.

Security Tips on How to Prevent Break-Ins and Vandalism at Your Small Business

  1. Add a layer of preventionBeON bulbs are technology-packed bulbs for smart homes and businesses. If your small business has lighting that uses regular lamps, then BeON is perfect for you. Burglars like to work in darkness so that they can see anyone approaching from the outside. Turn the tables on them and make sure the interior is lit so they can be seen from the outside.BeON Bulbs
    • You can have BeON lights show activity all night. Buy the system now to qualify for a free App upgrade that allows you to set custom schedules that are just right for your business.
    • BeON lights even respond to doorbells, chimes or alarms in a manner that makes it look like there is someone inside.
  2. Strong Locks – Also important are electronic locks for all the doors in your business premises. Ensuring that doors only open when the right key-code or card is entered in makes your security foolproof. You will need evidence of forced entry to collect on business insurance and a strong lock or access control is a necessity and a deterrent.
    • Limit access to codes and keys. Track your keys regularly! Re-key if you lose any of them.
  3. Get a Guard Dog and Put up Signs – If suitable for your business, a guard dog and security signs warning against trespassing can be a strong deterrent that will keep away many burglars and vandals.
  4. Do install a Security System – Contact your professional security system installation and maintenance company and install a system. If you can afford it, add video cameras and motion detectors. Train BeON bulbs to listen to the security alarm so they turn on instantly to deter burglars. There is nothing burglars hate more than a bright light.
  5. Hire a Security Force – Coordinate with other businesses in your business park or building to hire security guards. Contracting it out to a security firm will ensure adequate round the clock security.
  6. Buy a Safe – Despite your best efforts, it’s possible that a professional burglar may manage to break in. If so, all your important business documents, cash and valuables should be locked inside a safe and inaccessible to burglars and vandals. With BeON and a good alarm system, they will leave quickly, don't make it easy for them to grab something on their way out.

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