A safer, smarter home, one socket at a time.

Posted on November 4 2014

BeON emerged during a conversation between friends Alexei Erchak and Arvind Baliga in March 2013. Alexei had just moved into a new house and was interested in using new technology to help him manage it. While on vacation with his family, Arvind had envisioned a sophisticated security deterrent that simulated an occupied home. While exploring Arvind’s security concept, they soon met Martin Forest - a consumer electronics and IoT expert from New Hampshire who had experienced the recent disruptions from Superstorm Sandy and heavy snowfalls. 

They all agreed that home technology could be used to make a home safer and smarter not just during emergencies but on a daily basis. However, they recognized that designing technology for the home is difficult. Unlike a personal device like a phone, home technology needs to work for everyone in the family. It needs to be in harmony with your family’s routine. They set out to design a system that could deliver immediate value to a home, that everyone could use and that could evolve with the family as their needs change.