Travel anxiety

No matter how much we prepare, we all get a little bit anxious as a trip approaches. The longer the trip, the greater the anxiety. Are we remembering to bring everything? How much can we fit in the car? If it’s air-travel, did we remember all of the required boarding documents? And if you add kids to the equation it becomes even more complex.

With all of this, probably the greatest creator of anxiety is: how can I make sure no one robs my house while I’m gone? There are many ways to do this, but the most important thing is to be prepared by planning ahead. We know — easier said than done in today’s chaotic world. But it’s worth it to create a checklist to stay ahead of the game. Then creator a reminder for yourself to review the checklist. One big mistake is to set the reminder for the day before the trip. Give yourself a week or two so you can have time to set things up and purchase anything you might need.

Then let the anxiety melt away and enjoy your time off!