"First learned about BeOn by googling emergency lighting"

"I first learned about BeOn by googling emergency lighting ( I believe) because of my recent retirement to Panama and it's initial sole purpose was because of the frequent black outs and later found that not only did I benefit of the emergency back up lighting but I also would benefit from it's additional security and safety features.

I purchased the bulbs directly from your company to ensure prompt delivery and received it same.  I am currently using the bulbs in one nightstand, 1 table lamp in the living room and another in one of the other bedrooms.  I have also synced it with our smoke alarm, I don't have any other security system and would like to the the bulb to come out with a whiter light know as "day light".  I am sort of new to these kind of gadgets but I am security minded and will be looking further into enhancing this new system.

BeOn lighting is awesome!!  Thank you BeOn!!!"
D. Faccini, Panama