"Setting up the system is very easy to do."

"While our home is protected by a security system, my husband and I do not normally have the system turned on unless we are going away from home.  Even then, our system is limited to doors and windows.  This is why I was so excited to accept the invitation to test the BeON Home Protection System, as it provides much more protection for our home, such as training the light bulbs to hear sounds and they will turn on!

Setting up the system is very easy to do. Simply follow the directions you received with your system. The complete process takes just a few minutes. The hardest part of installing the system myself was the decision of where to place the bulbs. A few days after installing the system, my husband and I were out after dark. I placed the system in the Away mode and upon our arrival at home; the lights were already turned on."
Karen Hand, Jenny's Blah Blah Blog