"Doorbell function is a really great idea."

"I have been using my 9 BeOn bulbs for 3 weeks now. I really like them. They loaded on the Andriod app on my Samsung Galaxy S5 quickly. It was an easy set up. I had no trouble training the app to listen for my doorbell. I have a loud siren for a smoke alarm and the app recognized the alarm quickly as well. So far I really like the idea that when I am away it will appear that I am home. I'm confident that the next time my electricity goes out I will be ready.

I will not be in the dark and I will not have to run around lighting candles. I'm in love with the idea that if there is a fire my lights will automatically come on to help light the way out. I think the doorbell function is a really great idea. I like how the bulbs come on in the order I select, so it seems like I'm home and headed to the front door. I really wish that there was a way to have just the doorbell part work without having to set it to away. That way when I'm home and someone rings the bell I can have my path automatically lit as I make my way to the door. I've had a little trouble with the Android app loading and finding the bulbs at times, but hopefully this will get sorted out with the next Android update. The app seems to load pretty consistently on the Iphone app. Overall this is a product I can see great potential for. Now that I have the key fob, I don't have to worry about the app loading. I just push the away or home button. I look forward to any new features they dream up in the future."

LeeAnn Partain, Texas