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Security is the highest priority for our homes. But did you know that only 20% of households invest in a security system and only about 1/3 of those households regularly activate their systems? This means that approximately 93% of households are left unprotected. At BeON, we asked a simple question - why? The feedback ranged from the hassle of false alarms, to the complexity of use and to the expensive monthly fees.

We decided to start from scratch creating new layers of home protection that include both security and safety.

Our first product, the BeON Home Protection system emerged during a conversation between friends and cofounders Alexei Erchak, Martin Forest and Arvind Baliga. Arvind had envisioned a sophisticated security deterrent that simulated an occupied home using lighting. Most of us have been told to leave a light on when we’re away as unoccupied homes are sitting ducks for burglars under the cover of darkness. But unfortunately, just leaving a light on is not nearly enough and can actually have the opposite effect signaling to a would-be intruder that you’re not at home.

Together, they realized that lighting is an essential part of home protection, not just home security but also safety too. Think about it, any time you’re left in darkness you feel vulnerable – during a power outage, a fire alarm or each night when you do the “zombie walk" across a dark room after you flipped off the switch. We actually have emergency lighting all around us – schools, offices, theaters, etc. Everywhere except our homes where we need it most.

The BeON Home Protection system creates a layer of light to provide both security and safety for your home. In doing so, it was also important for us that our products be seamless with your life and your budget. The system is therefore designed to save you time by being simple to install and learning from your daily routine. It also saves you money by being energy efficient and using everyday household items that you already own (e.g. doorbells, smoke detectors).

At BeON, we’re continuing to develop new layers of security and safety for your home that fit you and your lifestyle. After all…it’s your home, protect it your way.

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