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BeON Smart Security Lighting

Light Replay, Doorbell Response, 5 hrs Backup Power, Emergency Activation, Slow Fade, Welcome Home.
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Starter Pack

3 Security Modules with LED Bulbs.




Build My Own

Step 1 of 3

Min 1 and Max 4. Do not include unfinished basement.

Step 2 of 3

Min 0 and Max 6

Step 3 of 3

Most Homes

2500sq ft
2995 each





Family Pack

3 Security Modules with LED Bulbs,
2 Key Fobs





Already Have a System? Use Build My Own to add a fob or bulb.

 Install indoors or outdoors.

 Click on Icons for Use Locations.

 Install indoors or outdoors.

 Click on Icons for Use Locations.
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Always BeON!

Automated security and safety lighting for your home

Security Module

  • Automatically replays your lighting schedule in Away mode. Use learned schedule or easily build your own with randomized start & stop times.
  • Can be trained to recognize and respond to your doorbell and alarm sounds.
  • Responds to burglar’s doorbell check even if light switch is OFF.
  • Five hours of light during power outage provided by built-in rechargeable backup battery.
  • Instant on emergency lighting during fire alarm even if light switch is OFF.
  • Control and dim with your phone even when light switch is OFF.
  • Battery recharges automatically when you turn light switch ON.
  • Connects directly to your phone with .
  • No remote access needed. Does not need Wifi connection. Works autonomously when you're away.

LED Bulb

  • Works with your light switch. Turn on/off with switch like any other bulb.
  • Install indoors or outdoors.
  • Approved for use in totally enclosed fixtures.
  • 60W equivalent. Uses only 13.5 watts.
  • 800 lumens of 3000K soft white light.
  • Lasts 22 years

Free Smartphone App

  • Use App to enable and set up smart module functions
  • Download App from your App Store
  • Available for iOS and Android phones and tablets


How do I set it up?

Use App to easily train bulbs to listen to your own doorbell and alarms.

How does it work?

Use your light switches to turn them ON or OFF like any other bulb.
Before you leave, slide to AWAY to start REPLAY LIGHTING and to enable DOORBELL RESPONSE. Slide to HOME when you're back.


Tap ALL ON if there is a power outage. Each bulb provides five hours of backup light using the rechargeable battery in the yellow module.

Meet the BeON key fob

Smart security lighting just got even easier

Easily toggle between Home and Away mode
Light up your house as you arrive home
Add as many as you want to your system

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Get the BeON key fob.

Easily toggle between Home and Away.
Easy ON when you arrive home.
Add as many as you want.

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What's Inside

What's Inside

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BeON Brings More to Security & Safety Lighting


Plug-in nightlights

"Smart" Bulbs



Scheduled Lighting While Away

Control Bulbs With My Phone

Auto Progamming Through Learning

Doorbell Response

Backup Lighting Always Charged


Activated by Smoke Detector

Connect Direct to Phone, No Hub

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