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So you're never left in the dark

We’ve all been through it. Power outages.

But some of us live in locations where it just happens too often.

Whether it be just a few hours or an extended outage lasting several days – YOU NEED LIGHT to help you manage the outage. Flashlights don’t cut it – you can never find them when you need them and the batteries aren’t usually charged.

Outages can be stressful.

If you have a family, those first moments when the lights go out can be especially stressful. You need to gather the family together from different parts of the house and you don’t want people wandering in darkness. If you have young kids it can even be frightening. For someone who is older or living on their own, falls become a serious problem during power outages. Even if you have a generator it may only power the refrigerator and other key equipment – lighting is often left out.

BeON : A New Solution

Emergency Lighting

Light when you need it most

Emergency lighting is everywhere except in homes. Use BeON LED bulbs to have it in your home.                                    

Power Outage
Fire Exit

BeON Home has the perfect solution for you. The BeON LED bulbs include a battery that recharges every time you turn on your lights. So it is always charged when you need it. No more looking for batteries for your flashlight. When a power outage strikes, you simply turn the BeON LED bulbs right back on using the BeON app on your Android smart phone or iPhone. You don’t even need to get off the couch or risk bumping into furniture trying to find the light switch!

Four Hours of Light!

Each BeON bulb provides 4 hours at emergency light level. You can adjust brightness and life from the App! The more BeON LED bulbs you have, the longer you’ll have light during the outage. If one BeON bulb needs more charge you can simply swap out the smart module from another BeON bulb and you have a full refresh of charge for the first BeON bulb. You can even train the bulbs to respond to your fire alarm!

BeON is a Complete Home Protection System

Security and Bonus Features Too!

BeON LED bulbs also provide security deterrent lighting while you are away. BeON bulbs will turn on and off just as if you are home and even respond to a burglar's doorbell check! BeON LED bulbs are also packed with bonus features that will surprise and delight you every day.

Security Deterrent

The Best Home Security is You!

Being home will deter any burglar but, obviously, you can't be there all the time.... Or can you? Use BeON to intelligently simulate your presence when you're away.

Go ahead,
ring the doorbell
Replay Lights

Safety Lighting

Never stub your toe in the dark again

Ever stumble across a dark room? Or use an elbow to feel for a switch after a grocery run? BeON provides light even if the switch is off!

Welcome Home

Slow Fade

A Powerful New Layer of Protection!

Give BeON LED Bulbs Super Powers with Smart Modules

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No Extra Equipment Needed

The great thing about BeON Home super bulbs is that they work with your current doorbell, alarms and light switches saving you hundreds of dollars you would need with others.

Screw in bulbs. Download App. Done!


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