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So it looks like you never left

BeON : A Smarter Approach

Light is an Effective Deterrent. But Only if Used Correctly.

New BeON Lighting can take your place while you're on the road. We’ll simulate your exact movements throughout the house and even react like you would when there's someone at the door.

Security Deterrent

Let us be you while you travel the world.

Burglars always target unoccupied homes. Use BeON LED bulbs to keep them away by intelligently simulating your presence.

Go ahead,
ring the doorbell
Replay Lights

You travel frequently or have a home that is on a cul-de-sac, corner lot, in a rural area or close to a highway. Or perhaps you have a rental home or a second home that is unoccupied for months at a time. You need to make your home look lived-in while you're away. Leaving a light on or using a timer are dead giveaways that you are not home. A switch or a timer can't be you while you're away.

BeON LED bulbs are intelligent, effective and easy to use. They program themselves by learning your lighting patterns from your regular daily use. They then replay that EXACT pattern to make it look EXACTLY like you’re still at home. If a would-be burglar is casing your house, they’re going to see the same lighting patterns as usual.

If they’re not convinced, they’ll almost always check the doorbell to see if you’re really at home. The BeON bulbs have you covered here too. They detect the doorbell and will turn on sequentially in a pattern that you design (using the free Android or iOS app) to make it look like someone is waking up and moving throughout the house.

BeON LED bulbs do not need a Wifi or cellular connection and will work autonomously using Bluetooth while you are away.

BeON is a Complete Home Protection System

Safety and Bonus Features Too!

BeON LED Bulbs also provide emergency lighting while you are at home. Each bulb provides up to four hours of backup light during an outage and turns on automatically if there is a fire alarm - even if the switch is OFF! BeON LED bulbs are also packed with bonus features that will surprise and delight you every day.

Emergency Lighting

Light when you need it most

Each BeON bulb provides four hours of backup light during an outage. They can be trained to listen to your fire alarm so they light your path to safety!

Power Outage
Fire Exit

Safety Lighting

Never stub your toe in the dark again

Ever stumble across a dark room? Or use an elbow to feel for a switch after a grocery run? BeON provides light even if the switch is off!

Welcome Home

Slow Fade

How do I set it up?

Use App to easily train bulbs to listen to your own doorbell and alarms.

How does it work?

Use your light switch to turn it on and off just like any other bulb. Bulbs automatically learn your schedule. You recharge the built-in battery each time the light is on!
Before you leave, turn ON Security Lighting to replay your lighting patterns and to activate doorbell detection. Turn it OFF when you return.


Use App to control lights if there is a power outage. Each bulb provides four hours of backup light using the rechargeable battery in the yellow module.


Protect Your Home Now

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A Powerful New Layer of Protection!

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