Don't Be So Obvious.

Burglars prefer an empty house. Many of us use our lights to make it look like we're home. The problem is that predictable timers or just leaving a light on can often create the exact opposite impression. BeON changes all of that with a natural and believable simulation of your presence.

You Have a Lot to Lose.

Traditional security systems respond to a burglary already in progress but the burglar can still walk off with your stuff before the police show up. Do more to prevent break-ins with BeON Home Security Lighting.

Smart Security Lighting For Your Home.

  Prevent Break-ins While Away.     5 Hours of Power Outage Light.



BeON Home protects your house from the minute you leave, preventing break-ins by mimicking your lighting patterns in a natural and believable manner.

Scare off would-be intruders when they ring the doorbell by mimicking your response.

Go ahead,
ring the doorbell

Learns from your normal light switch use to create a natural and believable replay schedule.

Replay Lights


BeON Home protects your family while you're home with backup light during a power outage and instant-on emergency lighting during a fire alarm.

More than 5 hours of light during power outages. Turn all of your lights on with your phone.

Backup Lighting

Instant lighting during smoke or CO alarms. Works even when light switch is OFF at night.

Emergency Lighting

An Intuitive, Easy-to-use Security Lighting System.

BeON learns your lighting habits so your home looks occupied, even when it isn't. The BeON system is responsive: lights turn on in emergencies and react to the doorbell. Best of all, setting it up is as easy as screwing in a light bulb.


"BeON Takes it to a Whole New Level."

“BeON is the most effective means of using lighting to prevent home break-ins while you’re away. Timers and motion-activated lighting are too obvious to home intruders. BeON takes it to a whole new level and is much more convincing.”

Dennis Harris


With BeON bulbs, my house truly looks like I’m still there.
BeON is the perfect fit for our home, they were very easy to setup and use. When I drive around town, it is easy to tell a house with timers, timers are very obvious. My second home is vacant for 4 months out of the year and I am installing them there too".

Lorie Hoehne, Detroit MI

BeON bulbs will learn your typical lighting schedule and replay it when you’re away.
Designed to provide a proactive approach to home security, the BeON bulbs will learn your typical lighting schedule and replay it when you’re away to make it look like you’re home".

PC Mag, Feb 19 2016

Bulbs earn every penny spent.
I have 6 of these bulbs strategically placed in my two story home. My neighbors thought I put a generator on my property. The bulbs ran for the 3 hours we lost power.”

Nicole Butterick, Monroeville, NJ

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